Sunday, February 23, 2014

Flag Football 2013 Recap

Wow time fly's when LIFE takes over...

2013 has come and gone.  We had another stellar year of flag football.  The team had a rough go of things starting off 0-5.  Some sense of "we suck" took hold among a few of the team members and parents. As the coach I felt it was my job to just keep reiterating, especially to the kid's, that they were a very talented bunch and their hard work be worth it in the end.

We went on to win 5 of our next 6 games including the playoffs eventually losing by 1 point to the league Champions.   (This was a team that destroyed every team they faced in the playoffs)

It was a really good learning experience for many people involved about not giving up and to keep fighting.  I was really proud of our accomplishments for the season.

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