Thursday, November 29, 2012

Flag Football Playoff Weekend - Part 2

This update was a long time coming,  after Hurricane Sandy we were without power for a week and then clean up concerns took over and before I knew it a month had passed.  Well I finally decided to sit down and update results of our last playoff game.

The short of it was we ended up losing.   It was a good game between two quality teams, and in the end was decided by less than a touchdown.  The final score:  18-14.    It was close the entire game and we had a chance to go ahead in the end, however it was not to be.

Overall is was a good season after going 0-2, we only lost 1 game over the next month and a half.  Final record 8-3-2,  not bad for a team full of random kids who never played together before.

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