Flag Football


What Is Flag Football?

Flag Football is a low or no-contact variation of American Football or standard tackle football.  Many elements of the game are the same as tackle football with the exception of tackling.  Instead of tackling the ball carrier, the defensive players attempt to pull a flag from the runners belt in order to end the down.

Flag Football Rules

There are many variations of flag football rules.  The number of players can vary from 4-on-4 to 8-on-8 or even more.   The level of contact allowed will also vary from no contact or blocking to full blocking with low contact.  Typically in youth flag football leagues there are more rules concerning safe conduct of the players, while adult flag football leagues may allow a little more leeway in this area.

Click here to see the Official NFL Flag Football Rules

Flag Football Resources

The following flag football resources can be found at Youth Flag Football HQ:
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